Is Your Company At Risk?

The fallout from unintended release of sensitive information can result in costly fees/fines and time spent resolving data leaks and breaches. The sources of potential cyber threats are plentiful:

  • External phishing and spear-phishing scams
  • Advanced persistent threats (APTs) that infiltrate and remain dormant long-term before striking
  • Potential internal threats from unhappy employees with a hidden agenda

Most states have legal requirements in place regarding notification of data breaches. Your greatest concern is a very real one—a data breach that leads to a malpractice lawsuit against your firm.

Law firms are responsible for protecting their clients’ email and data files.

Those in healthcare must comply with HIPAA regulations – or pay steep fines. Other industries must protect their clients’ private data.

Lerepco’s dedication to the cybersecurity needs of organizations that process and store highly confidential information is an obsession for us. It’s our way of helping the people relying on you to protect their digital history: your clients, patients, and staff.

The Lerepco IT Group works with a variety of multi-location organizations using Wide Area Networks and understands the nuanced nature of configuring their IT systems.

Our primary focus is ensuring connectivity among your separate local area networks (LANs) to create an integrated wide area network (WAN). We believe that having one client with six physical locations is like having six different clients. And we’ve learned from experience that each location’s unique computer-processing “personality” also requires integration with your company’s collaborative IT functions.

Wide Area Network And Security

Being able to safely and securely run/access shared data files and apps across several office locations is a top reason why our multi-site clients stay with us. They also value our strong partnerships with IT manufacturers and national distributors of high-tech products, including:

  • Barracuda Networks for data backup and email archiving
  • HP for server, PC and network hardware
  • SonicWall for internet security, VPN, and WiFi solutions
  • VMware for cloud and virtualization software and services
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions

Lerepco believes in management that works for you, whether it’s a “full mesh” or a “hub and spoke” data environment – both common to multi-location businesses running their networks over remote locations. Proper installation of any software’s client version at your company’s central location is the key to ease of access at your branch locations.

We realize how vital system performance is to your remote/branch employees. After all, they strive to process data just as efficiently and effectively as your main-office staff.

Predictable And Consistent Performance For Your WAN

Based on experience, we’re staunch advocates of IT standardization across a company’s multiple locations. Standardization leads to predictable and consistent system performance, decreasing the chance of one-off, differing IT emergencies throughout your branch sites. But this doesn’t mean we shy away from touches of customization within a standardized configuration. Lerepco pays close attention to the specific IT usage patterns of each separate location.

Our promise to you: with the right technologies your remote employees will experience the same level of IT access and collaborative, uninterrupted system usage as the people who work at your company’s headquarters.