Email Server Migration – Case Study

Client Industry = Law Firms

Number of Client Locations = 6 locations (45 end users)

The Client’s IT Challenge:

Our client had an aging Microsoft Exchange Server (hardware and software), an on-site spam-filtering tool installed, and older versions of MS Office/MS Outlook loaded on employees’ computers. The existing computer configuration had multiple single points of failure (SPOFs) that could crash the client’s system at any given time—not good when your staff desires 99.9% uptime. Additionally, the client wanted to update their MS Office/Outlook set-up to a more current version that would offer all end users newer tools such as Skype for Business.

While replacing this client’s hardware and software was potentially a significant capital expense, Lerepco knew that effortless, reliable email availability was critical to the firm’s demanding caseload and billable hours.

How The Lerepco IT Group Met This Challenge:

  • We recommended Microsoft Office 365 Premium Edition as the software product of choice.
  • With a monthly fee per end-user mailbox, Office 365 met our client’s availability and functionality needs.
  • Lerepco synchronized all user mailboxes to the cloud via a third-party tool and did the email migration during off-business hours.
  • We replaced the on-site spam-filtering tool with a Barracuda-hosted remote solution offering advanced features:
    • Sandboxing of email attachments (inspecting the documents before allowing entry to end users’ mailboxes)
    • Monitoring for ransomware and viruses
  • We also replaced the previous version of MS Office on users’ PCs with a newer version available through the Office 365 license.
  • The new version of Office gave our client advanced functionality, including Instant Messaging and video-conferencing capabilities.

Through Lerepco’s expertise with complicated email-server protocols, our client saved money by utilizing cloud/remote solutions. The firm also gained additional communication channels with which to boost attorneys’ and staff productivity.