Is Your Company At Risk?

The fallout from unintended release of sensitive information can result in costly fees/fines and time spent resolving data leaks and breaches. The sources of potential cyber threats are plentiful:

  • External phishing and spear-phishing scams
  • Advanced persistent threats (APTs) that infiltrate and remain dormant long-term before striking
  • Potential internal threats from unhappy employees with a hidden agenda

Most states have legal requirements in place regarding notification of data breaches. Your greatest concern is a very real one—a data breach that leads to a malpractice lawsuit against your firm.

Law firms are responsible for protecting their clients’ email and data files.

Those in healthcare must comply with HIPAA regulations – or pay steep fines. Other industries must protect their clients’ private data.

Lerepco’s dedication to the cybersecurity needs of organizations that process and store highly confidential information is an obsession for us. It’s our way of helping the people relying on you to protect their digital history: your clients, patients, and staff.

Our legal clients rely on The Lerepco IT Group for fortress-like law firm IT support and security that safeguards the confidentiality and privacy of their clients’ digital information. We understand that as attorneys, you’d prefer avoiding amateur employment in the IT business. But most established law practices don’t maintain a full-time IT professional on their payroll. Lack of on-site IT support can complicate your reliance on technology, compromising the ability to push litigation and caseload productivity forward.

Outsourcing your IT support is a critical decision: Choosing wisely means finding a forward-thinking IT partner capable of generating custom strategies. You have no use for an IT vendor who operates in reactive “break-fix” mode, which mostly erodes your peak billable hours. Regardless of your firm’s primary practice or quantity of legal documents scanned and emailed daily, Lerepco consistently delivers and maintains:

  • Privacy/confidentiality protocols, with particular attention to email correspondence
  • A secure firewall
  • An IT configuration sophisticated enough to streamline your firm’s processing of complex case and/or trial data files

As IT generalists, we’re knowledgeable about the software and database tools you use for practicing law:

  • Time tracking and billing
  • Document and email management
  • Case management
  • Contact management

Law Firm IT Support For Legal Software

While we don’t provide software training, we’re familiar with Lexis Nexis’s Time Matters, Tabs3 and its PracticeMaster program, and World Software’s Worldox. Lerepco can tap into its network of software partners when your law firm requires user training and/or software-specific troubleshooting.

The true benefit of partnering with The Lerepco IT Group is that we become your single-point of contact for all IT-related hardware, system/server, and infrastructure requirements. Whether your firm occupies a single office or is a multi-location practice, we can function as your virtual CIO.

Lerepco goes beyond the mainstream “service ticket” mentality by providing strategic planning and recommending next-level technology solutions. We can educate your firm on how best to transition your IT infrastructure from a (physical) hardware configuration to a virtual and/or cloud environment. We’re also mindful of your ethical duty to follow American Bar Association guidelines for securing clients’ digital records.

Lerepco looks forward to a lively discussion with your firm; your move, counselor.